Humans of Wicklow

Bim Newsome

Bim Newsome

“I have always loved vehicles be it trucks, cars or motorbikes, though I didn’t start driving until I was 20.

The first vehicle I drove was a 1950 Ford truck, that my father used to drive, and three years later I bought my first car from neighbor Mick Parle for £8.

I knew then, restoring cars and bikes  was going to be a lifetime hobby, the oldest bike I have bought and restored was a 1908 Triumph, while the oldest car which I still have is a 1930 Standard 10.

I have lost count of the amount of vehicles I have restored and owned over the years but fondly remember a 1936 Morris 8 and a 1959 Ford Thames Trader.

At the moment I have a Morris Minor, a Triumph Dolomite and a Vauxhall Viva  as well as the Standard 10.

My all-time favorite is the Ford Granada closely followed by the Citron 2 CV

I try my best to restore the cars back to as close as they were the day they were bought brand new, some have the old radio, others have the radio and 4 track cassette, while some of the early seventies cars have the bulky 8 track cassettes, the younger people of today would not even know what they are.

It is a wonderful hobby, these cars will always be collectors items, the cars of today will never match them it is all computer and electronics, in the old days you could make a gasket from a Corn Flakes box or seal a radiator with an egg, all kinds of little tricks that would get you by. But not now all the new cars are computerised, engines are all closed in and the ordinary man can’t fix even the little things.

The new cars even smell all the same, no more smell of leather or the petrol when you turned on the choke.

Now that I am retired, I help other people maintain their oldies and am a member of the IVETA ( Irish Vintage Engine and Tractor Association).

I look forward to my retirement now and hope to restore and help restore many more of these oldies.





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