Local economy, community and environment to benefit from new wind farm investment of €38 million

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Ballycumber Wind Farm is pleased to announce that following the granting of full planning permission by Wicklow County Council, it has commenced works for the development and construction of its wind facility at Ballycumber, Co. Wicklow.  The total investment in the project is €38 million which has created up to fifty direct jobs in the construction phase.  As well as the significant contribution the facility will make towards Ireland’s commitment to the reduction of carbon omissions, Ballycumber Wind Farm will contribute to the local economy and community.


Ballycumber Wind Farm is a co-operative of local people from the Wicklow area.  It is a stand-alone independent Irish company, which has been established for the sole purpose of the development of a wind farm facility to supply renewable green energy to the Irish electricity grid.


The Wind Farm: The Wind Farm will consist of six Siemens wind turbines, with a total capacity of 19.2MW. It will not impact any residential area or homestead when it becomes operational. The turbines will be not be closer than one kilometre to the nearest residence. The wind farm will commence to produce renewable energy in early 2018.


Environment: In terms of positive environmental impact, Ballycumber Wind Farm will provide clean energy for homes, schools, farms, hospitals and businesses in Ireland; provide power for the equivalent of 11,700 homes; and account for the removal of 28,700 tonnes of carbon emissions yearly.  Ballycumber Wind Farm will support Ireland’s transition from reliance on imported fossil fuels to clean Irish renewable energy.  Thereby, it will contribute to the Government’s stated target of sourcing 40% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.


Economic and Community Benefit: Ballycumber Wind Farm has contributed to the local economy by supporting local businesses.  In the construction phase, Ballycumber Wind Farm has created up to 50 jobs. Local businesses and traders benefit from this employment; and post-construction, ongoing maintenance will be required, which will benefit the local economy for years to come.


The developer of the wind farm is committed to upgrading local roads to a higher standard than existing surfaces and has continued to protect the environment by replanting trees to replace those removed during construction. In addition, Ballycumber Wind Farm has established a community fund, which will include significant annual contributions to local schools.


Development and Construction Phase:  The development phase has commenced and includes the connection of the wind farm into the existing electricity grid in Arklow. This involves the installation of an underground cable as part of the works. The laying of ducting and cable is solely for use of Ballycumber Wind Farm and for no other purpose.


In this short period, a carefully designed traffic management system has been initiated, with the approval of Wicklow County Council. This will protect the safety of the public, ensure minimum inconvenience, and further ensure that the road works are in full compliance with all local and national planning laws and guidelines, including statutory powers granted by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities.

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