Buy nothing new day

The ‘Buy Nothing New Day’ on the 24th November is gathering momentum  charity shops nationwide lead the way to encourage shoppers to reuse , re cycle and re buy .

In Co. Wicklow the move is on towards encouraging as many shoppers as possible to get down to their local NCBI shops and indulge their passion for passion …second hand style !.

The NCBI Has three shops in Co Wicklow; Arklow, Wicklow Town and Bray.

The shops play an integral part in the overall fundraising efforts to provide services to the 1,485 people with impaired vision in Co Wicklow.

Majella Bond NCBI Area Manager for the Wicklow area says “Now we are on the home stretch to Christmas there is huge pressure on people to get out and spend, spend, spend so we are saying  re use, re use re use!

It is environmentally and financially savvy to shop with the NCBI. The items we get in are just amazing; they are in excellent condition, up to date and really good quality. There is really something for everybody be it clothes, books, bric a brac, children’s toys …it’s all there.

The euros you might spend with NCBI s stretch like elastic they really go so much further so you are getting so much more for your money.

We have really good donors who drop us in fantastic things and they know their donations go to great use and for a great cause .  I love the fact that people are surprised when they come in to our NCBI shops in Wicklow ; they become loyal devotees”.

So, there you have it,  the second hand spend is the new trend!

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