Launch of Children’s Myth and Art Trail in Bray on Sunday 5th

If you’ve taken a walk along the busy promenade in Bray, you may have noticed a number of brightly coloured scenes being installed in various spots along the seafront.  These 5 murals are the result of a project created by visual arts curator Donna Carroll, designed by renowned children’s author and illustrator Chris Judge and installed by the wonderful team of Triskill Designs with the essential input of dozens of young Bray residents.  The story follows a young giant adventurer called Maeve as she sets out to find a home for her people and battles many monsters along the way.

Funded by contributions from entirely local sources such as Platform Pizza; Megazyme; Bray Credit Union as well as the support of Bray Municipal District.  The tale was devised through a series of story workshops with children aged 4 – 9 years old, facilitated by Donna and Chris. Almost 40 local children took part in creating a new site specific myth about Bray to be translated in to a series of bright eye-catching images in 5 murals along the popular seafront.

In early July, Donna approached Bray Municipal District with a proposal to create a unique children’s art trail to give new life to some areas along the seafront. They immediately recognised the benefit it could have to the kids of Bray and the impact on the seafront and gave their full support. The amazing Chris Judge came on board and soon after Triskill Design agreed to install the work. The sites were chosen and the children invited through local and social media to participate in 2 workshops in August to create the story for the murals. Chris went away with all the ideas and created these beautiful, vibrant illustrations, incorporating many of the ideas generated at the workshop and passed them on to Triskill Designs, who have been meticulously hand painting each one in the 5 selected locations – the shelter near the bandstand, the 3 shelter walls near the seafront playground and a location at the base of Bray Head.

The full story will be available as a free PDF with an accompanying map available for download on Bray.ie and as a physical map on the children’s menu at Platform Pizza. You can travel along the trail using the map and reading the story together with your family or use your imaginations and create your own adventure with Maeve and the creatures she meets.

A limited edition run of archival prints is currently on sale from Signal Art Centre, Bray until Sunday November 5th as part of their current exhibition. These prints are vibrant colourful copies of the full murals which make up the scenes in the book and wordlessly convey an exciting new myth all about the sleeping giant under Bray Head!

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