Website offers opportunities to niche sector

Gerry Gorman and David Crowley

Gerry Gorman and his business partner David Crowley launched fintechjobs.ie in October having seen a gap in the emerging fintech (Financial Technology) sector.

The duo have 50 years’ experience in recruitment and financial service sectors, and sensing the opportunity, set up the website in 2016 designed specifically as a recruitment service for the fintech sector.

“The website is basically a meeting point for people who are looking to recruit fintech talent in the Irish market, and people who want to get into the fintech industry,” Gerry says.

When deciding to set up the website, Gerry says he heard the term “fintech” coming up more and more in the mainstream. As it gained popularity, he thought to himself, “if there’s going to be a big explosion in the fintech industry, where are they going to get the people? Who’s going to hire? How are they going to get them? I saw a gap there.”

After extensive research with clients and candidates, Gerry felt employers were dissatisfied with mainstream recruitment websites. As fintech is such a niche market, Gerry says he felt there was “big space for us to set up a dedicated jobs board for that industry alone.”

Since its launch, Gerry says the website is growing “slowly but surely.” In addition to job listings, the site provides listings of fintech events as well as educational and training opportunities.

The company currently employs five people (including Gerry and David) and its main base is in the Guinness Enterprise Centre. While Gerry acknowledges there will always be improvements needed, “so far, we’re very happy.”

Gerry sees great potential for the website, as “first and foremost, we’re the only dedicated jobs board for the fintech sector. That might not mean a lot now as the sector is in early days of development, but as it develops and we have the branding, we want to be the go-to place for anything fintech.”

For the moment, Gerry is positive in his outlook. He feels the majority of people think it’s a great idea, though there’s always someone who is doubtful. Gerry, however, says: “You can sit back and not try these things and they certainly won’t work. If you try them, there’s a chance they will.”

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