Pure Fitness 12 Workouts of Christmas (Day Nine)

It’s the ninth day of Liftmas and the ninth day of our 12 Workouts of Christmas! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and we can most definitely ensure that you’re feeling the burn at this stage.

We’re interested to know how you’ve been getting on with the 12 Workouts of Christmas, so share your war stories with us at our official Facebook page.

But in the meantime, grab your gear and come visit us at your nearest Pure Fitness Gym, because it’s time to crush Day Nine!


Warm up!

Bands, front raises and upright rows x15 2 sets

Shoulder press front and back

6 sets! 

10 on front

8 on back

Swapping between the two

Triset! No rest all seated!

Lat raises x10

Front raises x10

Db press xFailure

3 sets


Plate front raise overhead x12

Upright row/press X 2 each (24 total)

Shrugs x15

3 sets!


Cable rear delt flys! X12 2 sets!

And you’re done!

We’re always thinking of ways to help you guys out, so if you aren’t sure of any of the above exercises, we’ve made a handy video that explains it all for you.

Now rest up and get ready for Day Ten! It’s going to be a doozy!

Merry Christmas from Pure Fitness!


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