Pure Fitness 12 Workouts of Christmas (Day Two)

We hope Day One of our 12 Workouts of Christmas got you nice and warmed up during that cold spell, but do you know what would make you even warmer?

A merry Liftmas session at Pure Fitness Gym, of course!

Day Two of your 12 Workouts of Christmas is going to have you on the machines, so grab your gear and come visit us in Arklow or Rathnew today where we’ll be ready to help you out and keep you motivated!

Today’s workout is designed to work your upperbody, so you’ll be ready for bags upon bags of Christmas shopping this holiday season.

Superset 1:

2 Warm up sets on both!

Flat DB Bench press

DB Bent Over Row

4 working sets x 8-12 reps 

Superset 2:

1 Warm up set on both!

Seated DB Shoulder Press

Cable Hammer Curls

4 working sets x 8-12 reps

Superset 3:

Push Ups/Modified Push Ups

Cable Tricep Extensions

4 working sets x 8-12 reps

And that’s a wrap!

If you’re unsure of any of the exercises above, we’ve made a handy little video to explain them for you:

Don’t forget to let us know how you got on with the workout on our official Facebook pages : Arklow | Rathnew

And get ready for Day Three of our 12 Workouts of Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Pure Fitness!

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