Seaside village in Kerry changes name for Star Wars

The seaside village of Portmagee in Co.Kerry has changed its name for the first fifteen days of December.

The village, famous for boat trips to the Skellig Rocks, now has a worldwide audience since Disney started filming Star Wars in 2014.

Portmagee will now be called “Porgmagee” until December 15th and the launch of “The Last Jedi”.

The name Porg was inspired by the Puffins who are summer residents of Skellig Michael.

The Mooring’s restaurant in Portmagee said:  “We’re hoping that the name Portmagee actually inspired Rian Johnson in his naming of the Porg character, and there will always be a place for the Porgs to stay if ever they decide to visit Portmagee or Porgmagee again!”


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