Three pet deer shot at children’s Santa experience

Gardai in Roundwood are appealing for public information after three pet deer were shot at close range at Djouce Golf Club.

Staff at the Santa’s Journey experience made the discovery last Saturday morning at 6.30am when they went to the holding pen.

On inspection three deer were missing and the pen was covered in blood.

Deer handler Paul Cullen said “This was a despicable crime, the pet deer a male and two females, were in a six foot pen and shot from the road which is 70 meters away, then dragged to the road, these people have no regard for life it was a irresponsible and cowardly act.”

Anyone with any information or may have seen any suspicious activity prior to 6.30am in the Djouce area are asked to contact Wicklow Garda Station on 0404 67107.


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