Whitmore calls for investigation into Vartry fish deaths

Social Democrat Cllr. Jennifer Whitmore has called on Inland Fisheries Ireland to investigate a recent spate of fish deaths in the Vartry River.

Whitmore said “I have been approached by a number of people that have come across dead salmon and trout in the Vartry River over the past few weeks. Whilst only 2 or 3 fish are being found at a time, there does appear to have been a number of such instances and it has been ongoing for a few weeks now.” 

“Wicklow County Council have already sent one of their biologists out to investigate. However, it is only Inland Fisheries that will be in a position to analyse the samples to determine the exact cause of death. It could be a natural occurrence, as a result of temperature spikes or following spawning, or it could be as a result of disease.” 

Whitmore continued “I would ask that if anybody comes across any dead or distressed fish to contact either the Water and Environment Section of Wicklow County Council (0404 20100) or Inland Fisheries Ireland (1890 347424) asap so samples can be collected. It’s important that a cause for these mortalities be identified quickly.” 

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