More weather hell on the way for coming week

A weather warning has been issued for the coming week with wintry showers and a potentially massive storm on the way.

According to Wicklow Weather, temperatures are set to plummet from Tuesday onwards with moderate to heavy snow across upland regions of Wicklow.

From Tuesday onwards, bitter wind chill, thunder and  lightning, coastal flooding and sleet and snow are all likely.

“Climbers and Hikers should exercise extreme care with strong winds and low visibility in sub zero conditions by day in our mountains.”

There is also ‘severe’ storm potential for midweek according to the Aughrim based forecaster.

“Confidence remains at 50% concerning storm potential, track and intensity,

“If current data is correct the storm has extremely damaging potential and could pose a serious danger to property, commuters and power etc so please make sure to keep up to date with forecasts over the coming 72hrs.”

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