Bank of Ireland issues warning to customers

Fraudulent phone calls, text messages and emails claiming to be from Bank of Ireland

A number of customers have told us that a fraudster has phoned them in the past few days pretending to be from Bank of Ireland. Please be careful, we will never phone and ask you to give us passwords or confidential information.

We are aware of fraudsters making fake calls or sending fake texts or emails to Irish consumers, pretending to be from Bank of Ireland. Sometimes this can happen after a consumer interacts with Bank of Ireland or another trusted company on Twitter or Facebook.

Always be vigilant, especially if you receive a call you weren’t expecting from someone who claims to be from Bank of Ireland.

No matter what story you are told, never give away your passwords or your personal or banking details, and never transfer money out of your account to a new or ‘safe’ account.

Report Concerns

If you are suspicious about a phone call, text or email that you have received claiming to be from Bank of Ireland:

  • Terminate the call without providing any personal details or financial information.
  • Do not respond to or click on any links in suspicious texts or emails.
  • Never provide your full banking PIN to anyone.
  • Report your concerns to 365security@boi.com (include the phone number, a screenshot of the text if possible, or forward the email).
  • You can also contact us on one of the emergency numbers below (do not use a phone number given to you in the text or email as this could be fake):

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