Notorious rapist Larry Murphy may return to Wicklow for his mother’s funeral

Convicted rapist Larry Murphy could make a return to his home in West Wicklow this week, to attend his mother’s funeral.

Margaret Murphy, mother of Ireland’s most notorious rapist and suspected serial killer, died yesterday and her funeral is to take place in Baltinglass.

It is believed she will be waked on Friday and will be laid to rest in her native Baltinglass on Saturday.

Locals now fear that 52 year old Murphy may return home for a final farewell to his mother.

Known as “The Beast of Baltinglass”, Murphy is considered Ireland’s most notorious rapist and suspected serial killer.

He was given a 15 year sentence in 2001 for the abduction, rape and attempted murder of a woman the previous year.

Murphy was also a person of interest in the investigation into the disappearance of a number of women in the Leinster area during the 1990’s, including Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dullard and American student Annie McCarrick.

He was released from prison in 2010 which was met with public fear and anger, and has since been moving around various locations in Europe.

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