Weather outlook: Warm temperatures but risk of rain and storm for Wicklow

Much warmer temperatures are on the way for Wicklow over the weekend and beyond.

Wicklow Weather has predicted “the coming seven to ten days will see above average temps ranging from 18-24 degrees.”

Photo: Wicklow Weather

However, Wicklow Weather has warned that a mixture of weather conditions could hit the county: “It will be humid, sunny and cloudy at times, but we may even see rainfall with a slight risk of thunderstorm activity.

“There has been severe thunderstorm activity over the continent during the past 36 hours and that moisture laden airmass is worth keeping an eye on.”

Sunshine is most expected at inland areas, while coastal locations might struggle to surpass the 18 degrees mark, with a risk of onshore sea fog.

In certain parts of the county, humidity could reach “uncomfortable levels especially for those who work outside”, the forecaster said.

Pollen count will be medium as we approach grass based pollen release in June, and UV index will range from five to seven so make sure to have sun protection on in any direct sun or light cloud conditions.

Make sure to wear sun protection to prevent burning.

Although widespread sunshine may not hit the whole county this weekend, early indications suggest that these hotter temperatures could lust up until the June Bank Holiday, with Wicklow Weather predicting a 40% confidence at this time.

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