Wicklow County Council Target Roadside Litter Offenders with CCTV cameras

CCTV is to be used by Wicklow County Council to catch culprits in the act for a new campaign targeting the problem of roadside littering from cars.

Funding was secured from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment under the anti-dumping initiative to purchase cameras.

These will be installed in all five municipal districts and will rotate between different locations to catch people in the act of throwing items from car windows. The vehicle owners will be fined where littering from a car is captured on camera.

Prosecutions will be undertaken for non-payment of fines.

Plastic drink bottles drink cans, disposable coffee cups, fast food wrapping, cigarette packets, crisp and sweet wrapping are all too common in our roadside ditches and verges. They are a product of our fast-paced consumption on-the-go lifestyles.

Roadside littering from cars is a serious blight in all parts of the county in both urban and rural communities.  As we approach judging season for the National Tidy Towns competition, and also the PURE Mile competition for rural areas, it is worth noting that the groups of volunteers who undertake these projects have raised the issue of litter from cars.

Many of the groups have commented that the problem is growing as people increasing consume on-the-go in their cars. They also say that after cleaning a stretch of road they will often find the same type of litter in the same spot a day or two later.

There are a small minority who repeatedly offend as part of their daily or weekly routine. These people will be particularly easy to catch as the Council can identify where they litter and how frequently they do so.

National Spring Clean in April again demonstrated the scale of the problem. There were over 150  clean-ups across the county.  The Council collected the bags of litter from groups with the biggest event producing almost 300 bags filled with roadside litter along one five mile stretch of road.

The removal of litter from our roads takes up a huge amount of time for all involved, diverts funding from other important services and in some cases on national and regional routes requires personnel to implement road traffic management to allow for safe collection of the litter.

The offenders look to dispose of their waste just as quickly as they consume with little regard for the communities they pass through and in some cases live in themselves.  A pristine kept car can be matched by contempt for Wicklow’s beautiful environment.

The waste doesn’t disappear but will be with us for hundreds of years unless picked up.  Some of it including the cans and bottles could easily be recycled. The coffee cup waste could be prevented with a reusable coffee cup in the car.

In 2017 Wicklow County Council used funding from the anti-litter initiative to catch people dumping and the number of fines issued and prosecutions increased. Projects planned for 2018 will result in more offenders getting caught.

“Those who litter from cars will now be firmly in the sights of the Waste Enforcement team of Wicklow County Council. It is hoped that 2018 will again be a year where we see increased numbers getting caught, but also a year where we see roadside littering decrease protecting our county and our local communities,” a spokesperson said.


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