ARKLOW RNLI launch to aid Kitesurfer & Windsurfer

Following an initial pager alert, Arklow Lifeboat was launched just after 2pm on Sunday.

The crew launched to reports of 2 persons in difficulty just South of Mizen head. The incident had initially been called in to the Coastguard by a Beach Lifeguard on duty on the beaches near Brittas Bay.

With strong tides In the area, Arklow Lifeboat proceeded to the reported scene, we were made aware that there was a Kitesurfer and windsurfer in difficulty.

Arklow Lifeboat was in the area within minutes of the initial call.

Upon arrival our volunteers were made aware that the casualties were ashore safely and the lifeboat was stood down by the Coastguard.

Arklow Lifeboat returned to station.

Following the incident, Mark Corcoran Arklow RNLI Volunteer Press Officer and Community Safety Officer said,

“Thanks to the quick thinking of the local beach lifeguard, our boat was launched early enough to be on scene to assist if necessary, people should never hesitate in calling us out, people need to respect the water, Before going out they need to check tides ,weather and make themselves aware of local hazards and always carry a mean of calling for help.”

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