Arklow through the eyes of strangers

Arklow Library, August 9th to 31st 2018

‘Arklow through the eyes of strangers’ is an exhibition of work by UCD Landscape Architecture Masters Studio

Part 1 : Discoveries (photographs & film) opens August 9th (6pm)
Part 2 : Analysis & proposals (plans) opens August 16th (6pm)

Students of UCD Landscape Architecture have been exploring Arklow and its surroundings. They invite you to join them on a unique visual voyage around town (part 1 of the exhibition) and to reflect on their response to the town (in part 2).

They also invite interested Arklow residents to add to their discussions by attending a talk, a walk and a tea party during Heritage Week.

Part 1 of the exhibition features 30 large photographs, and films of the students’ discoveries.

Part 2 of the exhibition consists of drawings, plans, sketches, maps and notebooks prepared by the students in response to the town. Topics include re-Thinking Main Street; What makes a Town Centre?; Bring Back the Beaches; Loving Central Park (the marsh); Why can’t I Cycle to School?; 1000 Trees and Bushes (for Arklow’s Other Residents); Making room for the River and Memories of Arklow.

Discuss the students’ work with them on Tuesday 21st August, from 6-8pm. Join Lelia’s tea-party (Thursday 23rd August, at 16h) to talk about old times. Come and meet us in the library at one of the openings, or contact us to help organize the walk.

For further info please call into Arklow Library, email sophia.meeres@ucd.ie or call Lelia on 083 035 1055.

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