Chief suspect identified in Bray shooting

The Journal have reported that a main suspect in a fatal shooting in Bray last June has been identified by Gardai.

The shooting at Bray Boxing Club sent shockwaves through the community as innocent bystander, Bobby Messett, was shot dead, and two others including olympic boxing coach, Pete Taylor, were injured.

Gardai had been following various people of interest since the shooting took place last June.

But after receiving what detectives referred to as ‘trustworthy intelligence’, they have identified a chief suspect in the fatal shooting.

The Dublin man, who is a part of a criminal family, is also believed to be an arms dealer linked to other criminal gangs in the city.

It is believed that a lack of concrete evidence has stopped Gardai from arresting the man since he became a main suspect, and that he has been taunting Gardai via social media for this very reason.

It is also believed that the motive for the shooting is related to organised criminal activity in the Bray area.

There is no reason to believe that any of the victims in the shooting are involved in any form of criminal activity.

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