Educo gym helps you achieve your best results

EducoGym brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘mind over matter’.

Based in Kilmacanogue, Wicklow, EducoGym incorporates scientifically-proven systems of concentration that puts users in the zone and provides them with a mental blueprint for success before their workout has even begun.

This mental blueprint, based on university research studies, is designed to aid in the achievement of fitness goals and physical transformation.

As owner Stephen says “When you train with your mind, you get much better results.”

But training the mind before the body isn’t the only focus of EducoGym, and much time and effort is spent helping members reach their absolute potential through specialised nutrition plans – with nutrition counting for 80% of your results.

Educo Gym North Wicklow

At Educogym North Wicklow it's not all about the physical exercise. Coupled with a nutritional plan and training that focuses the mind as well as the body – results are just 20 minutes away. See for yourself!#educogym #fitwicklow #traininggoals #nutritionalplan #northwicklow #ad #keepwicklowfit #mindovermatter

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High intensity interval training is also a huge part of how EducoGym helps their members to improve their fitness levels and aid in fat loss and muscle gains.

All you need is some motivation and 20 minutes to spare and EducoGym trainers can plan out a short daily workout for you that can have life-altering benefits.

A combination of physical and mental training along with a diet of healthy and natural foods are the tools that EducoGym use to help their members gain maximum results in their fitness journeys – and they’d like to welcome you to try their winning formula.

If you’re ready to take a giant leap towards achieving your fitness goals, call EducoGym on (01) 274-1822 or email them at kilmacanogue@educogym.com.

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