Lily’s restaurant opens doors to rave reviews

Lily’s restaurant opened its doors for the very first time on Friday night and the reviews are already pouring in.

Receiving five stars across the board, one happy customer said “From the minute we walked through the door we were made to feel welcome and valued. Food was amazing, beautifully cooked and well presented, with a little twist. Great service, I’ll be back!”

Another customer said “Wicklow town has been crying out for somewhere like this.”

Marc with Lily

Named after the daughter of head chef Marc McWilliams, Lily’s restaurant is the brainchild and dream of Marc and brother Philip McWilliams – who have worked tirelessly for years to turn it into a reality.

“We used to sit up all night talking about this” explains Marc.

The founding philosophy of Lily’s is one that has been shaped by the years of experience shared between the brothers, who have defined it as providing superior service, quality food, and remaining dedicated to sustainability.

“Service is where my passion is” says general manager Philip “and Marc’s passions would be food and sustainability, as well as creating dishes that many people here won’t have seen before.

“It’s traditional cuisine with a modern touch.”

Another aspect that sets Lily’s apart, explains Marc, is their dedication to sourcing ingredients locally from partners such as Carraig Dulra Organic Farm and Garden County Organics.

Even the staff at Lily’s, which is comprised of local chefs with different expertise, were specially chosen by the brothers to fulfil their respective roles.

“Everyone’s on the same level, and everyone is in the same mind set” says Marc, “it’s a full-on team effort.”

“We’ve assembled a team, that when you couple them with the setting and the food and the service – it’s a great combination” Philip added, “it’s really exciting.”

For booking call 089 427 9279 or send a direct message to Lily’s on their Facebook page.

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