The Six Marys (Whale Theatre, Greystones)

The Six Marys (Whale Theatre, Greystones)

November 15, 2018 7:00 pm

Back by popular demand, the wonderful The Six Marys returns to the Whale Theatre after 4 sell out shows.
This one-woman-show presented by Jean Farrell and directed by Joe McCarrick is a comical yet poignant look at life, from childhood in the 1950s to the present day.

It draws very much on the influence of religion as taught by the nuns – preparing young Irish Catholic schoolgirls to imitate the virtues of the Virgin Mary. The Six Marys are fun-loving girlfriends, who grow into practical, everyday housewives.

The light-hearted atmosphere helps us concentrate on their journeys through the decades delivering all kinds of sharp and comical observations. Jean Farrell has plenty to say about the teenage pursuit of Mr Wonderful followed by the reality of married life, teenage children and growing waistlines.

With accompaniment Catherine Gallagher singing some of the biggest hits of these foundation-shaking decades, The Six Marys is a fun-filled, poptastic trip memory lane. And one that you’re never quite likely to forget.

It’s no joke that I’ve finally become a stand up comedian at 66 years of age. And I’m loving it – Irish Times

Mary Black said she Married a lovely sexy man who had turned into a sofa that grunts. Mary Grey remarked that her husband’s idea of foreplay is “eight pints” or “Are you awake?” – Irish Times.

Visit www.whaletheatre.ie  or call the booking office on 01 2010550 for tickets.

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