Connolly’s Wicklow brighten up for Black Friday

An impressive window display has popped up becoming a focus for admiration and discussion on Main Street, Wicklow.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary and Black Friday sale, Connolly Menswear has partnered with the Art and Design department of Wicklow further Education and Training Centre (KWETB), commissioning students to design and install a showcase for their talent, while displaying superb products championed by the shop.

The result is a joy to see.  Rays of brightly coloured wool, gold and silver clouds and a gorgeous fluorescent orange tufted sheep contribute handsomely to the activity, energy and style of our town.  Michael Connolly believes it’s vitally important for business and local talent to support each other and he is delighted with the professionalism, quality and colourful vision shown by the students.

KWETB offer a well-respected Art and Design program free of charge at the Murrough further education centre, developing the artistic talent in this community.

Highly trained creative students are available to hire for visual merchandising, window displays / painting.

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