Grand Hotel say events will operate as normal

A spokesperson for the Grand Hotel which is set to become a Direct Prevision Centre says that events in the Wicklow town venue will continue as normal.

A statement sent to the East Coast FM “Morning Show” from the Grand Hotel confirmed the news and also said.

 “Our Non-bedroom business will be unaffected i.e. bar, ballroom, club will continue to operate as normal. e.g. Mike Denver and Tommy Flemming concerts will continue as will many other events and bookings”

It is understood the hotel which consists of 33 bedrooms will be accommodating up to 100 residents within the next couple of weeks.

The new residents will consist of families and single people from Nigeria, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The contract with the Department of Justice and Fire Break Hospitality Management who own the Grand Hotel is for a fixed term of one year.

Wicklow Syria Appeal  shocked and disappointed

Wicklow Syria Appeal is shocked and disappointed at the decision to open yet another Direct Provision centre in Ireland.  Ironically the centre is in Wicklow Town, the town that spearheaded the community sponsorship model, integrating a family of refugees into their local community with great success.

Wicklow has shown how a community coming together can support a family of refugees to rebuild their lives within the community, making their own decisions and contributing to the area through volunteering, building friendships and shopping locally. The community sponsored family are focusing on learning English with a view to restabilising their furniture production business in Wicklow in future years.

According to Mick Nolan, Chairperson of Wicklow Syria Appeal ‘we developed a community sponsorship model as a humane community driven alternative to Direct Provision. The institutionalised nature of Direct Provision and the restrictive living conditions has many detrimental effects on its residents, which the 2015 Mc Mahon report highlighted.  It is a huge shock to all in Wicklow that yet another Direct Provision Centre is being established, Wicklow Syria Appeal is vehemently opposed to the Direct Provision method’.

As a community we need to remember that these Asylum Seekers have had no choice in their fate, being placed in a Direct Provision Centre in Wicklow Town. We do not know the situations from which they seek asylum or refuge and so should show them respect.





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