Traffic Chaos for commuters as “Road to Hell” at a standstill

Commuters from County Wicklow are once again facing long delays on the N11/M11 northbound.

It is the second time in twelve hours vehicles are at a standstill on what is being described as the “Road to Hell” following accidents.

A number of incidents were reported this morning which added to the already long delays because of volume of traffic.

The roads are now clear but as a result traffic is backed up and moving very slow.

What people are saying

“Jobs in South Wicklow would help reduce traffic congestion. When was the last time we heard a major job announcement for Wicklow Town or Arklow? Remember to ask your local reps what their record has been in attracting investors and major industries to South Wicklow. That’s one big reason the N11 is so congested. In 5 years it’ll come to a complete standstill…a car park. Nearly there as it is. Traffic is a by product of no industries opening in Wicklow. So start listening to job announcements from now on and wonder why Wicklow is ignored and forgotten.”


“Another chaotic morning on the N11, I’m glad I work from home.”


“That road is absolutely ridiculous. I have had to change job closer to home due to spending most of my time on that road… its a joke.”




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