Birdwatch Ireland require volunteers to support 50th Anniversary appeal

Pic.Chris Bolton)

“BirdWatch Ireland are making an appeal again this year to raise funds to support valuable conservation work all across Ireland.

A 50th Anniversary Appeal leaflet has been printed containing all of the information surrounding the appeal and your help is needed to pack the literature into envelopes in advance of them being sent out for distribution. Your help, however big or small will be very valuable in seeing that the leaflets are distributed on time.

If you can spare an hour or a few to come along to the BirdWatch Ireland office in Kilcoole anytime from Monday 10th – Wednesday 13th  December your help would be much appreciated.

You can expect to meet a friendly bunch and the banter is always top notch, especially if you like talking about birds and wildlife!

To get involved and meet the BirdWatch team at Kilcoole email; Darren at dellis@birdwatchireland.ie or phone 01-2819878 to register your interest. 

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