Flights suspended again at Gatwick due to drone

BBC News report flights at Gatwick have been suspended again due to a new “suspected drone sighting”.

A spokeswoman for the airport said: “We are just hearing a report of another drone sighting that we are investigating.

“As we look into it we have taken the precaution of suspending flights.”

Aircraft have been circling above the airport as they are currently unable to land. Details are still coming in on the “suspected rogue drone”.

The sighting reportedly occurred at about 17:10 GMT.

The Ministry of Defence has not confirmed the sighting but Sussex Police said its officers were investigating.

Reopened earlier

Gatwick had reopened earlier after drones flying over the airfield closed it for more than a day.

The airport was first closed on Wednesday around 21:30 GMT, following a drone sighting.

Police believe more than one unmanned aircraft is responsible and are investigating the possibility of multiple culprits.

Earlier, officers said they had identified “persons of interest”.

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