Shop owners warned to be vigilant for fake €50 notes

Bray Community Sergeant John Fitzpatrick is warning shop owners to be aware of fake euro notes particularly fake €50 notes during the Christmas rush.

Retail Staff should always Look, Feel , Tilt

Look at the banknote against the light. The security thread appears as a dark line. The € symbol and the value of the banknote can be seen in tiny white lettering in that line

Feel the banknote. On the front, there is a series of short raised lines on the left and right edges

Tilt the banknote. The hologram – the silvery stripe on the right – reveals a portrait of Europa. The stripe also shows the main image and the value of the banknote

Staff should be especially wary of anyone seeking change for 50 Euro notes without purchasing anything and should verify the note is real.

Also in the run up to Christmas Thursday and Friday evening have been the busiest times for shoplifting over the previous last three December months.

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