Asgard Theatre Arklow Opening Soon

Arklow Music and Arts are delighted to announce the (almost!) imminent arrival of our very own Asgard Theatre in the coming weeks.

Five years ago, back in 2014, our chairperson Ms. Yvonne Kenny created a Facebook group, and opened with the following quote:-

“A place to promote all that is happening on the Music and Arts Scene in and around the Arklow area. A co-op for musicians, singers, dancers, artists and photographers to support each other in trying to secure a headquarters for us all.” 

Five years on, though the town does not possess (yet!) the venue we crave and continue to aspire to – Arklow Music and Arts (AMA) are delighted to announce that work is progressing at a very steady pace on what will soon become our own black box theatre. 

In keeping with Arklow’s maritime heritage, we could look no further than the Asgard when seeking a name for the venue – it is a comfortable fit.

So, what is black box theatre?

Black box theatre, a relatively recent innovation, is an increasingly popular model for accommodating the arts, with its flexible nature very much one of its charms.  Members of AMA have travelled around Ireland and viewed a number of similar ventures, speaking to those involved and taking guidance on what would best suit our own needs here in Arklow.

We asked the community of Arklow, primarily the business community, seeking potential venues for such usage; resulting in two businesses generously offering their premise.  As a result, we are delighted to be in position to announce the imminent arrival and opening of The Asgard Theatre, located above The Harbour Bar on Lower Main Street.

Asgard Theatre 2 will hopefully commence a little later in 2019, but for now, we need to focus on the former.

As work progresses on the venue, it is more than appropriate to take a time out from the renovations, to acknowledge the depth of financial contribution, moral support and – let’s be honest here – love we have received from our many friends, family, over in the United States of America.  We are forever in your debt.  A thank you thrice over cannot suffice!  So, to perhaps get some into the mood, a glance back at a seisiún that took place a couple of years back, in the room that is soon to transform into a black box theatre space….

Going to Arklow?  Coming to Arklow?  And definitely Avoca!

Watch this space!

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