March on Film competition and film festival

by Stephen Finlay

On the 15th of February we spoke to Kristian O’Neill, who is the director of the film festival March on Film, located in Bray, County Wicklow. Kristian was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding the film festival.

Kristian firstly explained to us what March on Film is all about. He told us that it’s a filmmaking Festival that encourages aspiring filmmakers to get out there during the month of March and make a film from start to finish – all the way from script to the final edit.

He went on to say that “people always talk about making films but having an actual deadline and a set criteria to base the film around can really help with actually getting something finished.” The festival gives people three main criteria; a line of dialogue, a prop and a character name, and every film has to include these three elements.

The teams have to enter before the 1st of March and on the 1st of March they get all the criteria and then it’s up to the teams to get everything written, shot and edited in the month and then everything has to be uploaded and submitted by the end of March.

When asked about an age limit Kristian went on to say that “Anyone can enter. It’s just about encouraging people to give filmmaking a try and tell their own stories. The new filmmakers can make some of the best films because they describe new things and it’s not about the expensive production materials or the equipment, it’s more about if you have a good story to tell”.

Everyone who uploads and submits their film on time will have the opportunity to see their film showcased at a screening. The ten finalists will have another screening take place. There will be a prize for the winning team.

When asked whether this year’s competition will be different, Kristian said “This year will be slightly different because we’re running the competition for “Alone” who are a charity that help out older people who suffer from loneliness, lack of access to medical services, poverty, homelessness and housing difficulties.

This year people are going to submit their films based around the topic of loneliness and “Alone” will be able to use these films to promote their charity and their cause.”

The main competition won’t be run this year but the sub competition will be run in order to help out a charity. There won’t be an award event but the main point is to make a film to help “Alone” with their great cause. Kristian plans to run the main competition every year from now on alongside a sub competition to help out a charity.

For more information please visit the March on Film Facebook page.

You can register your own film here.

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