Wicklow Shoppers – The Nations Impulse Buyers study reveals

A new study has revealed that Wicklow shoppers are by far the biggest impulse buyers in the country.

McElhinneys in Donegal recently conducted a study of over 2.8 million sessions to find out the nations shopping habits and revealed their key insights on our blog.

On average Wicklow shoppers click ‘Add to Cart’ a whopping 24% faster than other counties, making them the nation’s biggest impulse shoppers! Read about ‘Ireland’s Biggest Shoppers By County’.

Hands up, who here is a shopaholic? The thrill of an online order… the first name basis with your delivery driver… the rush of opening your beloved new purchases – sound familiar?

Last year it was revealed the Irish are some of the biggest department store shoppers in the world (!) but who are the biggest spenders online, and is your county one of Ireland’s Biggest Shoppers?

We set to work analysing over 2.8 million web sessions to find out Ireland’s Biggest Shoppers, and the results are in! All will be revealed as we dish the findings….

Who is Number 1?

It comes as no surprise that McElhinneys is held dear in the hearts of the people of Donegal. We are delighted to say that the population of Donegal are our Number 1, but interestingly, are not our highest spenders. It was also discovered that Donegal folk are also the most indecisive shoppers taking 18% – YES 18% – longer than other counties to pick out an outfit!

Big Spenders

Wexford likes to splash the cash on fashion, topping the polls as the biggest spenders in Ireland, according to our data. Wexford shoppers spend on average, an astonishing 39% more than any other county in Ireland.

Up with The Lark

You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm and we’ve found that Leitrim shoppers are our early birds! Our data shows Leitrim folks are 2.5 times more likely to be up shopping as early as 8am! Must be all that fresh air in lovely Leitrim that has shoppers in a tizz over Tiffosi

Twilight Shoppers

On the other end of the spectrum, Monaghan has proven to be our Night Owls and they DO NOT do mornings!  Our resident night-owls favour the night-time for shopping, staying up as late as 12am to complete their purchases.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Last but not least, Wicklow shoppers are either short on time or (more than likely) they just love a good bargain in our sale. On average Wicklow shoppers click ‘Add to Cart’ a whopping 24% faster than other counties, making them our biggest impulse shoppers!

For the purposes of this study we analysed all 32 counties in Ireland and their shopping habits on the McElhinneys website. Check out our data below to see where your county placed and some interesting facts about each county’s shoppers:


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