Homesavers brings variety and value to Wicklow

“Variety, choice, value” are the three foundations that set Homesavers apart from the others, and as a one-stop-shop for virtually anything you might need for your home or otherwise, if you haven’t been to Homesavers yet – you’re missing out.

Starting out as Centz, Homesavers quickly rebranded themselves in order to highlight what they really bring to the table, which is a huge selection of products at prices that, quite simply, save you a lot of money.

The store is ideal for homekeeping, with a wide selection of branded cleaning products, homeware, kitchenware and appliances, and even some of the more high-end gadgets that just make life easier. It’s probably the only place you can find a 16-piece dinner set in one aisle and a bluetooth sound-system in the next.

And there’s plenty of those special items that turn a house into a home with a whole host of toys for the kids, fun gadgets, and enough quirky decorations to add some true colour to your home.

Homesavers is also the perfect store for those items that come and go with the seasons, such as Halloween and Christmas decorations, Valentine’s cards and treats, and of course – everything you’ll need to have a fun St. Patrick’s Day.

And, of course, Homesavers will have everything you’ll need for Mother’s Day on the 31st of March. Remember, it’s the 31st of March!

While we can go on and on forever about what you can find at your local Homesavers, the best way to find out is for yourself.

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