NCPS claim parking warden is experiencing unfair harassment and intimidation in Greystones

The NCPS have issued a statement today claiming a member of its staff  is experiencing unfair harassment and intimidation in Greystones.

The statement reads as follows.

“It has come to the attention of NCPS (Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems) that one of its parking operatives is experiencing unfair harassment and intimidation by some people/drivers in Greystones.

This harassment has taken the form of the man being regularly photographed as he goes about his work in Greystones and threats being made by individuals to post those photos on social media platforms and in local media outlets.

As will be appreciated, this situation is causing great distress to our employee and is worsened by people taking his photograph and threatening to distribute these photos on social media.

“This man is simply going about this job, working on behalf of clients who have engaged our services to regulate parking on their property and he should be free to do so without fear or intimidation,” an NCPS spokesperson said adding: “We would appeal to the person or persons doing this in Greystones to stop and reconsider their actions.”

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