Greystones Players Presents “Harvey” by Mary Chase

Greystones Players Presents “Harvey” by Mary Chase

May 2, 2019 8:00 pm

2nd – 5th May at the Whale Theatre, Greystones

Greystones Players are delighted to present their 5th major production, the Pulitzer Prize winning play by Mary Chase.

“Harvey” is set in 1940’s Southern USA.  Our hero, Elwood P. Dowd, is an affable, people-loving individual who has chosen to drop out of the rat race and conventional world in favour of living in the moment and embracing all who come his way.

Elwood P. is encouraged, abetted and protected by his ‘imaginary’ friend Harvey – a six-foot-three-and-a-half-inch white pooka (or rabbit, to the uninitiated) – and his attachment to his unusual friend continually disrupts his sister Veta Louise’s social plans and marriage hopes for her unlovely and grasping daughter, Myrtle Mae. Veta Louise feels left with no alternative but to have her brother committed to the care of a sanatorium, a decision which sets off a series of unexpected and hilarious events.

Harvey was adapted for the Hollywood screen and became a hugely successful film starring James Stewart in the 50’s and was the inspiration for the 2001, critically acclaimed film Donnie Darko.

Rehearsals for Harvey are entering the final stages and the cast are finally able to rehearse on stage in the Whale.  Greystones Players are delighted to present something a little bit different than previous productions with a touch of glamour, surrealism and more adult themes (presented in a family friendly way!).

This production is sure to be a triumph and will more than likely sell out, just as all of Greystones Players’ previous productions have.

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