Elena Urioste & Tom Poster @ West Wicklow Festival 2019

Elena Urioste & Tom Poster @ West Wicklow Festival 2019

May 16, 2019 8:00 pm

Violinist Elena Urioste and pianist Tom Poster will be bringing their tremendous double act to West Wicklow Festival this year as the highly touted duo are fresh off the release of their album Estrellita.

The duo, hailing from the UK and USA/Mexico, have each collected a large array of accomplishments between them and their latest album has been described as “a deeply personal collection of miniatures full of winks, sighs and tears aimed at transporting the listener¬†to bygone eras of fireside salon concerts.”

And having covered much of the globe on tour, Urioste and Poster will now be bringing their highly anticipated concert to the West Wicklow Festival in Russborough House on the 16th of May.

And if you’d like to share in what will doubtlessly be a magic night of music, you can get your tickets to The West Wicklow Festival¬†right here.

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