Men’s Development Network announce new Male Advice Phoneline

The Men’s Development Network has announced a new phone advice line for male victims of domestic abuse as its newest support service.

The support service, which aims to 5000 victims of sexual, gender-based and domestic crime each year, is live from today and will be operated by expert counsellors from across the country and offer 36 hours support each week, Monday to Friday.

The line, which can be reached on 1800 816 588, will provide an outlet for men, who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse in their relationship, to speak confidentially with professionals who are trained to advise on gender-based domestic crime.

CEO of the Men’s Development Network Sean Cooke said that everyone who has been affected by a crime has the right to seek support, emphasising that talking about these issues doesn’t make anyone less of a man.

“The most-recent research from the National Crime Agency estimates that more than 300,000 people, approximately 6% men and 15% women, have experienced domestic abuse in their relationships. While more women are affected than men, only 5% of men report incidents to the Gardaí, indicating that the majority of men suffer alone.”

“Everyone affected by crime has the right to seek support and justice, but our research shows that most men suffer their abuse in silence because they are ashamed and believe it makes them less of a man. The stereotype that exists around being a man in Ireland suggests that a man should be physically and emotionally strong, successful, confident and the list goes on.”

“With that in mind, the arrival of our male advice line today not only highlights that support is needed across the board where sexual and gender-based crime exists, it also offers a much-needed opportunity to communicate the damage that male stereotyping can cause when it comes to equality,” said Cooke.

The Advice Line can be reached 36 hours a week, Monday to Friday at 1800 816 588.

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