Violence against taxi drivers on the rise

Bray Taxi driver William Conway believes it is only a matter of time before himself or one of his co-workers is seriously injured as aggression against taxi drivers is on the increase.


Following an incident last Sunday morning Mr Conway contacted the media to highlight the problems they are having, after closing time in the pubs and night clubs.


“Three men got into my Taxi at the Seafront in Bray, they wanted to go to Charlesland in Greystones.


The gentleman in the front was courteous but the guys in the back were rude, belching and started drinking beer. I told them that wasn’t on, they then became more aggressive, punching my headrest three times. When they were getting out of the car they elbowed my window and then one of the men aggressively attempted to get into the car through the driver’s door, should he have succeeded in opening the door, God only knows what he could have done to me.


This is an ongoing thing, Bray Taxi drivers have to deal with this on a regular basis.

I want to highlight the difficulties Taxi drivers are facing between intoxication and now, substance abuse of narcotics. It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.

Speaking to another Bray Taxi driver “They are even trying to do lines of cocaine in the back of the car; it’s gone beyond someone just having too much to drink. When the Gardai and bouncers are finished with these guys, we have to deal with them; we are the last line that has to deal with them”

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