Wicklow Climate Adaptation Strategy goes to public consultation

Wicklow County Council has produced a draft Climate Adaptation Strategy which addresses how Wicklow will need to respond to a changing climate and its impacts.

The Strategic Plan has a focus on measures that will build resilience in the operations of Wicklow County Council across all its services to ensure we can react better to changing climate and extreme weather events.

Records shows that weather events in County Wicklow in recent decades have already had significant disruptive impacts on communities and public services, often entailing mobilisation of significant human and financial resources.

Climate Ireland and Met Eireann have documented a changing pattern in climate for Ireland in recent decades. These changes are in line with predictions and point clearly to a future with increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.

The Climate Change Strategy identifies current vulnerabilities for the county; how risks, and in a small number of case opportunities, will increase over time and where we need to focus adaptation measures to respond.

The Strategy addresses six key themes which are:

  • Local governance and business operations
  • Community health and wellbeing
  • Infrastructure and built environment
  • Land use and development
  • Drainage and flood management and
  • Natural resources and cultural infrastructure

It will impact on all services of Wicklow County Council ensuring that Climate Change becomes a key priority that shapes how we deliver services for the people of the county. It ensures that all our services and communities are more resilient to the challenges we will face in the coming years and decades.

The Strategy was developed working closely with the newly established Climate Action Regional Office based in Kildare who provided advice, support and training. Every local authority in Ireland is currently producing individual local strategies.  Other public sectors are doing the same and Wicklow County Council will work with the different sectors as appropriate in the implementation of adaptation measures.

Public views are now being sought on the Strategy from and anyone or organisation can make a submission. The Strategy can be viewed in County Buildings, Wicklow; the Municipal District Offices in Bray, Greystones, Arklow and Blessington and in the libraries at Bray, Greystones, Arklow and Blessington. It is also available for viewing online on www.wicklow.ie. Submissions can made to TOBrien@wicklowcoco.ie between the 7th of June and 5th of July inclusive.

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