5G Public Awareness Gathering And Information Day. As part of a nationwide campaign to raise public awareness on the new 5G wireless internet technology. This community gathering will be an information day for those who wish to know more about the roll-out of this (untested) ‘super fast broadband’ 5G technology. It is also there to create a space for people supporting the issue and to connect with other members of the community.


This meeting will be on Saturday the 27th of July between 1-3pm at Halpins Monument, in the center of Wicklow Town. All are welcome.


There will also be a meeting at 1pm outside the stone gallery on Church street, Main Street in Greystones.


The wireless 5G network is using a completely new technology, which the telecom companies are rolling out across the country without having done any public or environmental safety testing on it.

This technology uses much higher, more intense frequencies which can penetrate deeper into the body, potentially causing more harm. The 5G network would also require thousands of small cell towers to be installed everywhere in our communities; right outside of our homes, schools, crèches, shops, favourite restaurants, churches and in fact all public places and rural areas over the next two years.


Subsequently, the public’s radiation exposure levels will rise exponentially, which is why there is growing opposition to this technology Worldwide. Town and city councils worldwide are halting this installation due to concerns for the public’s health.

There is also a huge body of over 240 Scientists and Doctors from 41 countries worldwide, alongside environmental groups,  that have made an appeal to the E.U., the U.N. and the W.H.O. to stop the roll out of 5G technology. Due to the great risk it imposes on public health, our environment and our wildlife. Over ten thousand peer reviewed scientific studies have proven the significant harm Wireless RF Radiation is already causing to public health over the last few decades and so this gives us a clear perspective on the risks of allowing the roll out of 5G technology.


In June of this year, Clare County Council have exercised their duty of care to public health and duty of care to the environment, where they have passed a motion to halt the installation of this untested technology. Just this week, Roscommon County Council also passed a motion to halt the installation of 5G, in order to protect the public and our environment.

County Leitrim, County Wexford and County Wicklow councils, also have motions submitted to follow suit and pass similar motions to protect the public from these risks.

It is important to state at this point that we do have safe alternatives to this wireless technology. Wired and fibre optic networks are already available to us nationwide. These offer us safe technology, which can actually provide us with faster download speeds and is a far more reliable and secure network service.


We do of course still want all the advances in our technology and network services, but in a way that is safe for our health. We ask that Wicklow County Council will work with the Wicklow community, to provide us with an efficient and reliable broadband service, but most importantly one which will safeguard our health and the health of our environment.


It is crucial that public awareness of the issue is raised on the issue and so this is why a grassroots movement has been created across the country. There are over thirty groups nationwide, spreading information and actively campaigning to halt 5G.


There has possibility never been a more important time to show up and support a campaign, as it involves all of our healths and ultimately the quality of all our futures. Most importantly it is children and infants that are the most susceptible to absorbing this level of radiation, due to their smaller, underdeveloped bodies and blood/brain barrier. The Elderly and the chronically ill are also particularly vulnerable to harm with  this level of RF radiation, due to their already compromised health.


This matter would effect all members of society, nobody would be immune from this high level involuntary exposure and so this campaign is appealing again to all members of the public, to come and support this together as a community.


Additionally, with a special call out to all parents and grandparents to support this campaign. We owe it to ourselves, but most importantly to our children, the younger generations and all our future generations to show up and make our voices heard.


Currently, there is an active petition below which will be presented to the council at the next meeting in September alongside the motion to halt this technology. It is requesting that Wicklow County Council call a halt to 5G, until independent research proves it to be safe to the public and our environment. The council need to see evidence of public opposition to this technology and a petition is key in fulfilling this need.


Additionally, we also wish to ask the Wicklow county council to request from the Department of Communications, climate action and environment, a moratorium on 5G technology until there has been rigorous independent safety testing done, to prove that is it unequivocally safe for the publics health and our environment.

Join the campaign – Have your voice heard and be part of the change!