Interment of Ashes St. Gabriel’s Cemetery, Arklow Survey

The members of Arklow Municipal District have requested that Wicklow County Council host a public consultation with the citizens of the Arklow Municipal District regarding their preferred option for the interment of ashes at St. Gabriel’s Cemetery, Arklow.

The interment of ashes is the act of placing them in a final permanent location. There are a number of options available. A person’s ashes can be placed in a columbarium wall, buried in a family grave, placed in a garden of remembrance, or scattered.

In the event that you have a query regarding this survey, please contact 0404 20236.

Please complete the survey by the 23rd September 2019.

If you require a paper survey please contact Arklow Municipal District Office, Main Street, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

You can complete the survey here