Make Way Day 2019

Make Way Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on how our decisions affect the experiences of people with disabilities.

You’ve just left the supermarket with handfuls of shopping only to find that a botched parking job on your part has caused considerable difficulty for another vehicle to park up. The driver is shaking her head at you as you cringe apologetically. You’re embarassed.

But that’s just a driver in a supermarket car park. What if your parking had caused difficulties for a person with disabilities?

Make Way Day is a campaign to raise awareness of how our everyday decisions, such as parking on a curb or leaving our bins out on a narrow path, might impact someone with disabilities, and how we can make life that bit easier for them.

Make Way Day 2019 video – You shouldn’t have to be super human to get down the street

As #MakeWayDay campaigners we know that most people’s heart is in the right place. Most obstacles are due to lack of awareness. We all find it hard to imagine someone else’s life. Parking on the footpath is the top blocker and we’ve enlisted the support of Assistant Commissioner Dave Sheahan of An Garda Síochána who says ‘Garda Roads Policing Units will increase their vigilance and lower their tolerance of footpath parking and parking in disabled bays, not only for Make Way Day but for all 365 days of the year in support of the campaign’.

Geplaatst door Make Way Day op Woensdag 25 september 2019

Special Make Way Day stickers are a huge part of the campaign, and people are being encouraged to place them on potential hazards or obstacles for people with disabilities as a friendly reminder to be thoughtful with the space you take up. The stickers are easily peeled off surfaces, so there’s no need to fret if you find one on your property.

For more information on this positively impactful campaign, please visit makewayday.com.


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