Noel Fallon solo show at Arklow Visual Arts Gallery

The Arklow Visual Arts Gallery will launch Noel Fallon Solo Show, an exhibition of brushless paintings, 7pm Monday 16th September 2019. 

Noel Fallon is an active member of The Arklow Visual Arts Gallery and an incredibly prolific Outsider Artist having had no formal training in the arts.

‘Neighbours know that Noel is busy at work producing new pieces whenever the walls shake with the best of old-style pop music. He may have a catalogue of health problems but here is a man who does not believe in being idle… ‘I use syringes because I cannot use brushes to save my life,’ he reveals. I can’t even butter a piece of toast.’ Old age pensioner Noel has the shakes. He knows not why. Unless he rests them on the arms of his chair, his hands tremble incessantly. So he has to manoeuvre his life around this disability with ingenuity, inventing devices to help him cut bread, eat dinner – or paint kingfishers.’  Noel uses bright and lively colours to produce his paintings with distinctive vibrancy throughout each composition injecting a huge amount of energy into each piece, conquering trembling hands to create attractive paintings using syringes and sponges instead of conventional brushes. 

The Arklow Visual Arts Gallery is located in the heart of Arklow Town, an active part of the community for over twenty years hosting exhibitions and encouraging artists to show off their talents. Our chairman, Andrew Manson of ballyrogan.com, is a local fine artist who has exhibited his paintings internationally some of which are housed in many high profile collections one of which being the National Self-Portrait Collection and has been with us for many years supporting the gallery. 

Noel Fallon Solo Show, an exhibition of brushless paintings, runs at The Arklow Visual Arts Gallery from 16th September until 27th September 2019. Mon-Fri 9-5pm. Admission is free and all are welcome. 

For further information please contact the gallery: arklowvisualarts@gmail.com 089 4248376 Facebook & Instagram 

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