Homesavers open store in Arklow

The popular chain store, Homesavers, has opened its doors in Arklow for the first time today, a move which has generated much buzz among shoppers in the area and further afield – and for good reason.

The store is ideal for homekeeping, with a wide selection of branded cleaning products, homeware, kitchenware and appliances, and even some of the more high-end gadgets that just make life easier. It’s probably the only place you can find a 16-piece dinner set in one aisle and a bluetooth sound-system in the next.

And there’s plenty of those special items that turn a house into a home with a whole host of toys for the kids, fun gadgets, and enough quirky decorations to add some true colour to your home.

Arklow shoppers happily queued up this morning to see what great offers can be found at Homesavers, who have opened up stores all over Ireland in just over a year.

Want to find out what’s on offer? Why not head down to Homesavers in Arklow today and find out? Or LIKE Homesavers on Facebook for daily updates.

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