Arklow comes to standstill for Nadine vigil

The town of Arklow came to a standstill at 7pm on Monday night as a vigil was held for local woman Nadine Lott.

Crowds spilled over onto the pavements surrounding the park on the Main street such was the support and solidarity for the Lott family.

Close friends of Nadine stood close to the bandstand and local choir Crinniu sang a number of hymns.

Cries could be heard during the minutes silence as friends openly wept while hugging each other in support and sorrow filled the cold night air.

Hundreds of candles were placed on the bandstand and at the fountain.

Local clubs throughout the town also observed a minutes silence at 7pm.

Local Councillor Pat Fitzgerald thanked everyone in attendance and also thanked the people from beyond Arklow for their messages of support.

He said the Lott family were aware of the support in the town and wished to thank everyone on their behalf.

One woman said “I have never seen a crowd like this, it makes me very proud to be from Arklow and it just goes to show how the Lott family are held in such esteem, I hope and pray everything will turnout alright.”

Arklow comes to a standstill for Nadine

Posted by wicklownews.net on Monday, December 16, 2019

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