Can you help find two very kind gentlemen

Kam and his wife are from Hong Kong and have contacted to help them find two very kind gentlemen who basically saved their day while visiting Ireland in January.

Read Kam’s email to us below and let us know if we can help him find these two Saviours as Kam as named them and convey their sincere gratitude to them.  ….

We would never disclose number plate reg numbers however in this case we think it’s appropriate.

The Tractor reg is 08WW2103

Thank you folks!

Email from Kam

Hi WicklowNews friends,

I really hope that you can help us to find two very kind gentlemen who we had met in Sheeanamore. 

My wife and I are from Hong Kong and visited Ireland at the beginning of 2019. We were on our trip from Glendalough Lake to Kilkenny on 31 Jan and I poorly underestimated the road condition that affected by the surprisingly heavy snow in the Wicklow region, and tried to get to Kilkenny through the mountain area.

When we were in a small uphill road at Sheeanamore, the wheels of our hired little car were slipping on the icy surface and I could only stop it (the location is in the 2nd and 3rd pages of the attached pictures).

We stayed there may be almost an hour, and I was very afraid that we would slid backward along with the car all the way down the hill for a hundred meters without any control, so I moved the car slowly backward, turned a little bit and hoped the left rear wheel would stopped by the roadside grass verge, but I clumsily gone too far, and we were stuck in dark (8 pm? not sure) at this remote countryside road surrounded by snow…. I really put my wife and myself in danger.

After some time in desperate silence, a car from another side was at the top of the slop and tried to go downhill. Obviously the driver (Saviour 1) saw our car and knew that the road is too narrow for two cars in parallel, so he waited at the top and let us move. The kind gentleman was so nice that when I got out of the car, he also came towards me so that I explained my situation to him. He was so altruistic and just ran back to his car, grabbed a thin jacket, then just ran downhill in snow to find his friend (Saviour 2) who has a tractor.

After a while they arrived and managed to pull my car out of the roadside snow (Page 1 of the attached pictures) and make it arrived the top of the hill. 

They also thoughtfully discussed how to help me to drive downhill and get to a safe place. We said thank you and goodbye to Saviour 1 so he continued his way to home, and Saviour 2 drove his tractor downhill in front of my car slowly, so that I could follow him in the dark and drove on the tractor wheels printed trail on the icy road. Without the tractor trail, our car must slip and very likely to crash. Finally he brought us to the Macreddin Golf Club safely such that my wife and I could rest for the night. 
Because of these two generous gentlemen, we could escape from the dangerous situation, they really saved our lives.

Unfortunately that at the time they left, my wife and I just recovered from anxiety and worry and we forgot to ask their names. I hope WicklowNews can help us to find these two gentlemen and convey our sincere gratitude to them. 

Thank you for your time.
Kind regards, Kam

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