N11/M11 improvement scheme aims to bring many benefits

The N11/M11 Junction 4 to Junction 14 Improvement Scheme aims to improve safety, accessibility and journey time reliability along this strategic southeast corridor.

As detailed in the recent public consultation, and in order to achieve these objectives, a number of transportation options are currently being considered including road-based measures and sustainable transport solutions. 

These measures may be provided independently or in combination and an examination of the viability of interim solutions to the transportation problems along the corridor will also be undertaken.

As part of the current Option Selection stage, we are collaborating with the National Transport Authority to assess future public transport proposals under the “Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (2016 – 2035)” and their impact on the need for road improvements on the corridor.

Consideration on how the N11/M11 route could be enhanced to facilitate public transportation is underway, including an assessment of bus priority and park and ride measures.

In conjunction with the development of feasible options, assessments are also ongoing to determine whether these options should be deployed along the existing N11/M11 corridor, or along new routes away from the current roadway.

In addition to the existing roadway, new corridors are being considered where specific deficiencies exist along the existing route. Multiple transportation options and suggested corridors are publicly available for review and comment on the project website: www.n11m11.ie.

We are at the start of a lengthy public consultation process which seeks to be both informative and collaborative. We understand that interested parties have their views and concerns and we welcome all input into the process.

Ultimately, through collaborative engagement with all parties, our aim is to achieve a rational and practical outcome so that the optimum solution is achieved on this strategic and critical southeast corridor.

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