The Plate That Makes You Feel Good!

More than 8 out of 10 Irish adults don’t eat enough fibre in their diet. Despite all the

education out there people still get confused as nutritional misinformation is often in the

mix. Gillian McConnell, Registered Dietitian and female founder has introduced the new

iPortion plate to the market which makes it visually easy to eat more fibre and understand

what a healthy diet and portions looks like.

Gillian says “increased portion sizes, larger meals in restaurants and bigger dinner plates at

home have affected our understanding of what an appropriate portion actually is and has

led to the phenomenon of portion distortion. We’re greatly influenced by the American

food market and people don’t realise that their increased portion sizes often means eating

30% more calories. We’ve lost sight of listening to the seasons and our bodies. The ability

of humans to estimate portion sizes of foods remains a problem. This is why I have brought

tools indicating healthy portion sizes as a guide, that are not only supported by science, but

are easy to use and visual to help with proper portion control”. When people don’t

understand why they need to increase fibre they may be putting themselves at increased

risk of developing heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, colon cancer and weight gain.

Gillian says “There are a million and one weight loss products, trendy diets and programmes

out there, the majority of which fail in the long run, leaving people frustrated. The key to

long lasting and successful weight management is meal balance, including not only the food

you eat, but also the amount you eat. The iPortion Plate not only helps you become more

aware of the quantity of food you’re eating in a meal, it also helps to increase more colour

on your plate, more fibre, the very thing us Irish don’t eat enough of. As well as the plate

being visually helpful, my clients realise that they have been eating too much at mealtimes

for years”.

A simple change in the plate you use at home will help you to learn proper portion control

and help you eat less to help manage your weight. Why use this iPortion Plate – because it’s

natural, health risk free and it’s so much more than a smaller plate with lines on it! It holds

a measured portion both for men and women. The idea is to make healthy eating effortless

and enjoyable, without omitting the food you love, plus it encourages more veggies, always

a bonus to increasing fibre and antioxidants.

We’ve also had great feedback from organisations such as Diabetes Ireland and Tallaght

University Hospital who use the iPortion Plate. Registered Dietitian Sinead Powell who

works with Diabetes Ireland says “ We have been using the iPortion plate for the last few

years to illustrate portion sizes in our Diabetes CODE education sessions. Clients love the

easy visual message to help them eat less”.

With sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s minds, the iPortion Plate can be thought of

as a ‘plate for life’, helping to reduce the use of disposable meal containers and help reduce

overall food consumption which plays a part in reducing carbon monoxide production. Ian

O’Gorman Head of Catering at Tallaght University Hospital agrees “using the iPortion Plate

fits very well with our journey towards sustainability, with our environmental discounts and

furthermore promoting healthier portions”.

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