Wicklow Hospice transfers to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services

Responsibility for Wicklow Hospice passed last week from Wicklow Hospice Foundation to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services (OLH&CS), bringing it under the management and governance of OLH&CS, ahead of its official opening later this month.

Wicklow Hospice will be the first specialist palliative care facility in County Wicklow, providing in-patient care to those with life-limiting conditions. Coming under the governance of OLH&CS, it joins the 200-bed facility in Harold’s Cross and the 12-bed facility at Blackrock in Dublin, as part of the largest provider of specialist palliative care in Ireland.

Wicklow Hospice will provide 15 in-patient public beds and specialist Community Palliative Care services across the county (excluding West Wicklow, which comes under St. Brigid’s Hospice in Kildare).

The facility at Magheramore has been developed as a result of the work undertaken by the Wicklow Fundraising Foundation over the last ten years, with the 3.5 acre site kindly donated by the Columban sisters. The HSE has delegated responsibility for its management to OLH&CS, as a section 38 facility. The HSE will meet the operational costs of the facility and fundraising for capital costs and enhancements for patients and families will be driven by OLH&CS.

Pictured in Wicklow Hospice at Magheramore are Audrey Houlihan, Chief Executive of Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services (OLH&CS) Audrey Houlihan and Sean Dorgan, Chair of Wicklow Hospice Foundation. Wicklow Hospice will open under the management of OLH&CS, the largest provider of specialist palliative care in Ireland.

Chief Executive of Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services (OLH&CS), Audrey Houlihan said; “We are delighted to welcome Wicklow Hospice into the OLH&CS family. As the facility comes under our management, I would like to pay heartfelt tribute to the people of Wicklow and the Wicklow Hospice Foundation, for getting the facility to this point. It is a testament to every person who took part in the many fundraising projects that Wicklow now has a facility of this calibre, which will be used by generations to come.”

Chair of Wicklow Hospice Foundation, Sean Dorgan said; “After many years, and loyal support from the people of Wicklow, the doors of the Wicklow Hospice will soon open and we are very happy to hand the responsibility for the management and governance of the facility to OLH&CS, one of the oldest and largest specialist palliative care providers in the country. We are delighted to have realised our vision and we look forward to the development of Wicklow Hospice in response to local needs.”

Recruitment for positions at Wicklow Hospice will commence in the coming weeks. Applications will be invited for a range of roles and will be published on www.olh.ie and on OLH&CS social media channels.

Members of the public are invited to public open days on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January with tours of the facility taking place from 11-3. All are welcome. To find out more about Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, visit www.olh.ie, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

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