Wicklow Paddy last again

Wicklow Councillor Paul O’Brien has reacted angrily that County Wicklow has come last on the list of visits made by the IDA.
Cllr O’Brien went onto to say”Over the years it is very clear that Wicklow has been consistently let down by the IDA. Wicklow has poor public transport, clogged infrastructure & mainly job losses being announced”
Asked on how he would deal with this Cllr O’Brien said

“What can change this? Well to be honest there is no magic bullet that will do so over night, but certainly we need the IDA visiting & promoting Wicklow. We live in one of the most diverse, scenic & educated counties in the Country, yet we have  been consistently let down. I’m calling on my fellow councillors & indeed our TD’s to park our political differences, to work together & to do what is right for everyone in our County.

We should be collectively demanding that the IDA get down here & away from their bubble in Dublin. We need the working with us to bring much needed jobs to Wicklow. I will also be raising this issue at our council meeting on Monday to see what the council are also doing about this & what engagement they’ve had with the IDA”

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