Business Advice – Make honesty your policy and watch your sales grow

It’d be nice to just come out and say that your product or service is the answer to every pain point imaginable, but big promises (or lies) like that cause detrimental rifts between you and your customers. Giving the world an honest-to-goodness synopsis of your business, warts and all, can establish that all-important trust you need to build a strong customer base.

“We like our clients because of their money. They like us because of our honesty.” Was the headline for a print advert by the Swiss private bank Hyposwiss, and while obviously humourous in nature, it does reveal one of the driving truths behind customer-business relationships.

People buy from people, and trust is the most important foundation to any working relationship. So establish that trust from the very beginning.

If you’re selling food, don’t insult your customers’ intelligence by including a mayonnaise and salt-riddled ceaser salad on the ‘healthy options’ menu. Don’t insist that your boutique has 50% off the very best high-street brands when the clothes on your sale rail are as dated as the building itself.

You can’t and shouldn’t try to fool people, especially when some honesty about your product or service can earn you more respect. But don’t put yourself down with some painful honesty in an attempt to earn trust, think of it more as accentuating your niche.

Instead of claiming to be at the forefront of today’s fashion, accentuate the cheap prices at which you sell vintage looks for women. Instead of cooking the best hamburger in town, talk about how you only use locally-sourced ingredients that come straight from the farm.

Get to the real nitty-gritty of your business and what sets you apart from the rest. Is it a feature of your product or is it how you go about delivering a service? Find your niche and let the world know.

At In Good Company, we use creative multimedia and marketing expertise to help businesses grow, but we never claim to be lone miracle workers. We make sure that our clients know that we require their input and co-operation in order to deliver on their goals. This transparency is why we enjoy continued success in the market. Our clients understand that they are entering into a partnership – not ordering a magic pill.

So, now you might ask yourself; what sets your business apart and how can you honestly convey that message to your audience or customers? Make honesty your policy and watch your business grow.

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