Valerie Cox – General Election 2020

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Valerie Cox has thrown her hat into the general election 2020, taking place this Saturday the 8th of February, and she wants you to know what she stands for and how she can better our communities.

Here’s where she stands on the issues, in her own words:

“I am very angry at the way older people are treated in this country. To be deprived of their pensions and forced to retire, regardless of their financial situation, is crippling & frightening for people as they get older and as they become more vulnerable. A voice is needed for people:

• trapped in hospitals awaiting care packages
• forced into nursing homes as no Fair Deal scheme to remain in their own homes
•life-long tax payers deprived of pensions, forced to sign on
•hundreds of people lying waiting on hospital trolleys

Action and fast-pace is how I operate. It’s crucial to work in partnership with local organisations and communities who are screaming out to help, partner & volunteer to better their local community. These people know what’s needed and it’s not all about big sums of money, rather smart thinking and fast action led by people on the ground.”

For more information, visit her official Facebook page.

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